Best time to book your Senior photos in Atlanta

Best time to book your Senior photos in Atlanta

Not sure of when to book your senior photos? In this guide I’ll help you look at the pros and cons of different seasons so you can make an inform decision and help you find the best time to book Senior photos in Atlanta

Best time to book your Senior photos in Atlanta

The best time to book your senior session in Atlanta is the time of year you love the most! remember this moment and photos are to celebrate you and what you’ve accomplished so picking your favorite season and vibe is a must.

However there is a few things that need to be considered when looking to book your Senior photos in Atlanta.


If you’re hoping to get your photos taken in the spring, you’ll need to book your session early.

Spring is a great time to capture the blooming flowers and greenery of Atlanta’s parks and gardens, but it is also a popular time for senior portraits. If you want vibrant colors, comfortable weather and do not mind the polen this may be your season. Remember to always have a backup date in case of rain, you know the saying April showers bring May flowers.



Between June and August. This is when the weather is most consistent for outdoor photography, and you’ll have a wider variety of locations to choose from. If you love the great outdoors, golden hour and do not mind staying a little late for the best scenery and light this may be your season, Summer weather is great but also brings a lot of bugs, so take that in consideration when booking this time.If you are not a fun of the sunny temperatures and the heat you might want to skip August.




If you love sweater weather, crisp air and earthy tones, fall is definitely your season.

Fall weather can be unpredictable and it is for sure one of the busiest season for photographers but if you book in advance is totally doable. To me Fall has the best of both worlds, you can find days with warm temperatures and also other days when the cold breezy of winter coming can totally give a different look.

If you’re set on getting your photos taken in the fall, be sure to book your session well in advance.


It is not as popular season for senior portraits but can get some unique photos during this time.

P.S: sweaters photograph beautifully.


for ideas on places you can always look at your county city parks, I personally love using the beauty of nature that Cobb County has to offer and have a list of prefer locations that make accessible to all my clients.

No matter what time of year you choose, be sure to do your research and find a photographer who you trust and whose style you like, after all it is your session and the goal is for you to be super in love and happy with your photos

I hope you find this beneficial, click here for more Senior content, and if you are looking for senior photography service for you or someone you know let’s connect! I’ve loved to help.

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