College preparation timeline for Atlanta High School students

College preparation timeline for Atlanta High School students


Congratulations you have a High Schooler at home, now what? it is an exciting time full of new opportunities but also nerve-wracking. College may seem far away but there is things you can do every year in High School if you plan to pursue higher education, here is a timeline for Atlanta high school students towards their college preparation.With the help of this guide, your kid will have a clear idea of simple steps and things to notice and can be done every year of high school.

Timeline for Atlanta high school students towards their college preparation


Let’s navigate the steps you can take each year of high school to set yourself up for success in college. For all teens on Freshman year, my recommendation is to start exploring your interest and potential career paths, as parents we can help them do that by making sure they maintain a strong academic record, that will help a lot in the future. Also it is a great time to start searching for colleges to attend and see what they offer.

In Sophomore year my recommendation is to participate in extracurricular activities, and start looking into financial aid options and consider AP or IB classes.

Junior Year is a busy one, you can start narrowing down your college choices and working on college applications, plan to attend College fairs and visit campuses, it is a great way to see for yourself how it is to be there and see if your expectations match with what you see.  Junior year is also the time to take the SAT , or standard achievement test this it is an important element of college admissions

Senior Year is when you finalized college applications, submit financial aid and prepare for college life. Enjoy every moment of your last year in High School, attend all celebrations, share with friends and family this moment in your life. Make great memories to cherish for years to come.

One of the greatest way to celebrate the culmination of this moment in life is by doing a Senior photo session, showcasing you and this particular stage of your life, don’t know where to start? I can help, click her to know more 

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